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Post by Mapie on Sun Nov 02, 2008 3:30 am

Filter 1-Sucking Toad, Bevel I
Filter 2-Sucking Toad, Bevel II.2
Filter 3-Sucking Toad, Bevel III
Filter 4-Sucking Toad, Bevel IV
Filter 5-3D Mesh
Filter 6-3D Supercheckers
Filter 7-Banding Suppress Noise
Filter 8-Bitches Crystal
Filter 9-Blast 'em!
Filter 10-Blur 'em!
Filter 11-Boost
Filter 12-Crazy Colour Waves
Filter 13-Cyborg
Filter 15-Direct Opacity
Filter 16-Glasswork Colour
Filter 17-Glasswork Gray
Filter 18-Living Sine (circular)
Filter 19-Living Sine(linear)
Filter 20-Look, Butthead, a TV!
Filter 21-Metalfalls II
Filter 22-Metallic Onion
Filter 23-Metalwork
Filter 24-Motion Trail
Filter 25-Old Photo
Filter 26-Ommadawn
Filter 27-Picasso's Another Word
Filter 28-Picasso's Last Word
Filter 29-Plain Mosaic 2
Filter 30-Plain Mosaic Blur
Filter 31-Posterize
Filter 32-Rasterline
Filter 33-Weaver
Filter 34-What Are You?

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