Lesson 24--Using Selections

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Lesson 24--Using Selections

Post by Mapie on Mon Nov 03, 2008 4:05 am

[size=150]Lesson 24--Using Selections[/size]

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Hi All,
still working with selections.
If you get confused by the tutorial (It was written in a hurry) or you need help..please, post in the Q&A thread...the mentors are keeping on eye on that folder to help you if you need help...and so am I. This is what you will be making:

You will need a copyright ok jpg image.

Link to the tutorial:

Link to the supplies:

tip about this tutorial from Andi
andi wrote:Lesson 24 - Using Selections
When making the frame borders, I found it easier to add another layer and experiment with different patterns before making my final choice. It's also far easier to try out alternative inner bevels this way.

Experiment, Play, Have fun.
Hugs, dee

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