Lesson 15—Vector Drawing-- Bug with Boots

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Lesson 15—Vector Drawing-- Bug with Boots

Post by Mapie on Mon Nov 03, 2008 4:40 am

didasko wrote:[size=150]Lesson 15—Vector Drawing-- Bug with Boots [/size]

Please, do not include your siggie tags with your result posts.
And, please, keep your tags down to 400x400 pixels.

[size=134]I am giving you a week for just the next two lessons. Take your time, do not hurry. I have posted a lot of tips in the Peer Chat thread for these two lessons. Please, read them slowly and carefully...and if/when you have a problem go back to the Peer Chat thread to see if maybe your problem has already been answered. [/size]

This was written for psp 10 so you will need to make some changes.
Bug with Boots by Arizona Kate :

Experiment, Play, Have fun.

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