How to make a Mask by MsKris

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How to make a Mask by MsKris

Post by Mapie on Wed Oct 29, 2008 6:30 pm

I was told i was the queen of mask making- haha! sooo I shall share my mask
making secrets.

I have various ways to create masks-
of which you can view on these two lessons here:
Create A mask with Filters

Negative Image Masks

There are plenty of ways to make masks, The above two ways are just two of the ways I make mine-
I will go on and share other methods here..

So begin opening a 400 x 400 blank, and flood that with white- then add another layer,
flood that one with black- black is on the top layer-
with that done- proceed to click your eraser tool - this will load your brushes...
find a brush you enjoy.. and ERASE at your black top layer-
this shows your bottom white layer..

do this till you have a mask that looks nice to you..
Another great way to make a cool mask- is below- with PRESET SHAPES
this is why its great to collect my preset shapes!
so lets try this:
Begin with a 400 x 400 blank- flood fill with black
this time, snag a preset vector shape, and use only WHITE as the fill for this shape..
so stretch that shape onto the blank black area.. as here..

the more layers you use, and how you change your transparency for each layer
will make your mask more unique and pretty..
Finally- the last way I create masks- is with brushes..
You can use the brush method, much like the eraser method, open a blank fill with black,
and tap a WHITE brush onto the black image.. change the opacity of your brush
to change the transparency level.. see my sample here:

Now- with that method- you now have FIVE ways that i create masks-
1. with filters
2. negative images
3. with erasers
4. with preset shapes
5. with brushes

you can also combine all these methods..
for instance, this mask below- has 1 a filtered background-
a brush AND a preset shape.. see if you can tell which is which?

With practice, you can surely make an awesome masks!


i hope you enjoyed my quick how to tutorial~ hugs! kris

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