Mask Blur les 94

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Mask Blur les 94

Post by Mapie on Wed Oct 29, 2008 11:34 pm

lets do an older tut,
create this:

download needed files here:

lets make this tag, or something simular..of course
I'd rather you use your own tubes, graphics and imagination Smile
First open a blank transparent, 350 wide by 300 high, if you want it that large,
totally up to you.
flood fill with white, this is our background.
put to the side.
Open another blank, make this one smaller by say 50 pixels, so
300x 250 this time, grab your paintcan and flood fill this one with a gradient or color, that will
compliment the tube you will add..
go to masks, load from disk and
open the "squares" mask that i like so much, it comes with psp 7..
Apply it, then copy and paste it on top your white box. BUT
dont close the masked gradient square..
youll need it.

Now place your tube somewhere in a good spot..

Now go back to your Gradient Masked square, copy and
paste it on top AS A NEW LAYER.
click your deform tool and spin it when you do this,
it will blank out areas around your tag..making a line
appear ONLY in the area you want it to appear in.
Try it you will see what i mean

Now add your bubble glass..
Attached with this tut is a series of glass balls on one tube file,
find a tube you want to place into glass, a flower, a butterfly,
use your lasso to cut around the glass ball you want, be it
blue , pink, lasso around it to select it, then copy and paste, it
will be selected and alone

Now you have 1 glass ball, 1 tube, 1 tag almost done.
copy your tube (the tube going inside the glass) and place on a new blank just to work on..
copy your glass ball place it on top tube, whatever you chose...
when placed perfectly, copy again, and go to your tag,
right click paste as selection and move it into a good spot

Now simply add a name.
I used A&S rister font,
A burgendy outline, with a FILL of the same gradient I used to make
the background...this added a nice touch.
lets see what YOU come up with..
remember to go to layers , merge visable, then go to effects, 3d effects, drop shadow..
just to polish it off..

perfectly done! Smile enjoy! kris

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