Mask 303

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Mask 303

Post by Mapie on Wed Oct 29, 2008 11:38 pm

Create this look:

you can use our stephanieseymor image, or one of your own..

to achieve this cool masked tag..

open the ss photo,
go to mask, load, with your mask folder filled with my mask,

find 303, (you can find my mask in the mskris made stuff folder)..
load the mask, and apply it, go to the layer palette, right click over
the masked layer, and click delete..

say yes to the warning screen..

now colorize your image, you can use a colorizing filter, like videorave,
or richard rosenman, or just colorize,

give a drop shadow when done,
and merge all layers,

if you'd like to add the three photos on the side as i did,
open the ss photo again,
crop the face, and resize that down small.
copy and paste on top as a new layer, now duplicate that new layer 3 times, move them into position..
with your three small images on the side ..
apply eye candy, gradient glow to them all, highlight one layer at a time, and highlight them, one at a time with a light white glow..

when done, add a drop shadow to each of those layers,
then merge all layers..

add your name, and your set!

Smile cool and easy!


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