Mask 186 Tut

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Mask 186 Tut

Post by Mapie on Wed Oct 29, 2008 11:41 pm

lets Create THIS:

save then open this image in psp7,8,9

open the photo, go to mask, load from disk, in psp9 you must go to
layers, mask, load from disk: find mask186, if you are in psp8/9 the
mask browser will load, if you are in psp7 you will go to mask, load from disk, and your pc browser will open, you will find mask186 but with no sample picture as with psp8/9, once it applies, click ok, your photo will be transformed.

go to your layer palette, right click on the mask layer, for psp7 that will be the new extra layer, for psp8/9 the mask layer will be called "mask layer" right click and go to delete, when the pop up ASK if you want to delete/merge, say YES-

*Now to add to the beauty of this tag, you will colorize it pinkish, or whatever color you like, but ADD more by going to color to target, on your sidebar near your lighten darken tool , pick a bright pink on your color palette, and run the color to target OVER your image, this will colorize it even better then COLORIZE, it will dramatically color.. you can do this even after shadowing as you do below , play with this tool -its amazing!

now add a drop shadow, the look of the shadow is up to you, i usually have it 1 and -1, close but high opacity..

once you apply the drop shadow , go to layers,
merge, merge flatten, then go to colorize, set it for a pretty blue,
or any color you like, once done crop, add your name and your set!

*for extra accents try adding a styled line-
go to our styled lines folder in the forum,

download them put them in your psp/styledlines folder,
and from your draw tool, find them, draw a nice line down the side for
a fun dramatic psp8/9 your styled lines can be drawn with your pen tool changing the line settings..

cool enjoy! kris

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