Two Masks

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Two Masks

Post by Mapie on Wed Oct 29, 2008 11:46 pm

create awesome tags using two masks..

heres a quick note on how i created the above.

first.. open two small boxes, 200 x 200, flood fill them both
with colors you want..

If you use the mask i used, i used: krismask, number 245,
apply that to each of your boxes,

when done, right click over the "mask layer" in the layer palette,
right click and delete the mask layer,
say yes to the that to the other small mask too..

now, open a brand new blank, large enough, 500 x 500,
copy your small masks, and paste by one,
give them both drop shadows, make your drop shadow color
the same as the mask, to add a bit of drama to it.

now copy your tube, paste on the side, and add a drop shadow to that too.
resize the tube prior if its too big..
add a drop shadow to the tube as well..

merge all, if you want to add outline boxes, go to your vector shapes tool,
and draw rectangles to outline..
be sure you only have the stroke and not the fill..

easy and fun!

add your name, and its done! Smile love it


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