Installing Super Blade Pro - les 78

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Installing Super Blade Pro - les 78

Post by Mapie on Wed Nov 05, 2008 3:30 am

*this tut initially for psp7, but read and u will learn how to install for 8/9*

OK so you brought superbladpro~!
Hurray!!! now you can create awesome colored text, and objects that will DAZZLE your creations and make them SHINE!!

First Lets INSTALL superbladepro!
the trick to installing any filter, including this one , is to install it to the right folder!!

FIRST if you don't have ANY filters, then you need to do this..

go find your JASC folder...

go to my computer/programfiles/

when you are there among all the other folders such as
masks/shapes/patterns etc..
THERE is where you will need to place a NEW folder...

go to file, then NEW, and FOLDER, make a new folder call it
plugins, exactly that, mine here..this is where you will place ALL filters..

OK so when you must be sure to BROWSE to the plugins folder..this is the only way to get this program to work properly. What do i mean by BROWSE>????

when you install EXE programs like superbladepro, eye candy and others, they will ask you what directory to install this window here..

this part is vital to making your filter work properly and be visable in your plugins module in paintshoppro

Click the BROWSE button,
then click on program files,

you want the plugins folder to be the last in the file path

*if your using psp 8/9 there is already a plugins folder, no need to
create it, but you must point to it for installing filters

Once installed your superbladepro will be visable in your plugins module..

to create your font using a sbp preset....

Click your font tool, type in a name to use, and make it big, white stroke, white it on a blank transparent...
be sure its on floating so the ants have made it a selected item..

Now with the ants marching around the letters, go to your plugins, find superbladepro, and
CLICK THE RECORD, where my arrow is, now here is where you find, select your presets, so browse through your pc to

folder...this is where your presets are held, click on ANY q5q file, this will make your letters change to any desired preset color..

here is my bluebamm preset sample....

if you want to sort your q5q's by color, you won't browse to the environments folder, you will browse to the sorted color folder you
will create- that tutorial to be posted soon..

So far you will click ok and have a great presetted font...

Smile if you get the registration popup, then you haven't paid and cannot use superbladepro...

I suggest either paying, or surfing to find a serial number..but you didn't hear that from me..


hopefully this lesson has showed
you the ways to begin installing filters, and using superbladepro.


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