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Postage Stamp Tag

Post by Mapie on Thu Oct 30, 2008 12:13 am

Vectors make it real easy to create a postage stamp type of tag!

lets make one.. the supplies i used are here, but also in my zips in
our preset folder..

begin with opening a jpg photo you like, crop it to the area you like
then size it down if needbe, small like a stamp.. now
with all your shapes loaded into your shapes folder,
find the "fringed frame" ..

add a new raster layer, then draw on your fringed frame
give a drop shadow when done, to bring it out a bit,
no heavy drop shadow, light-

add a new raster again, and then find your postal mark shape,
and draw that on the side of your image.. easy! give a drop shadow!

find the simple circle preset shape which is in your psp8/9 automatically
add a new raster again, and draw on your circle..but
this time, you must make sure your circle is only
set for FOREGROUND or FILL as i call it, so you just get an outline
not a full circle..

add a drop shadow once you are done with putting in your circle..
almost done... add another raster layer,
if you want add some text in the circle, i will put plainly "mskris"
give that a drop shadow..

and LASTLY if you feel like:: add lips, add x and o's, or something
cute to finish it off..

remember, if u add another thing, add a new raster so you can give that image a drop shadow.. when done, merge all!

very fun! enjoy!

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