Make an SBP Preset

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Make an SBP Preset

Post by Mapie on Wed Nov 05, 2008 3:38 am

Making a SBP preset -im not a major pro on this but i will give my best efforts.

open up paintshop, just to get superbladepro running, make a circle on a blank transparent flood fill it with white paint, then go to plugins, and begin your superbladepro program, now!!!
you can do 1 of 2 things to create a preset...
You can import your OWN materials, or use one of your current presets, or bmp materials, what i mean here is, click the record button, and load your presets, open any preset, and modify it by playing with your tools, change colors, change directions of your lighting, change your kind of bevel shape, and change your bmps, when you do all this, this modifys the
look of the preset, if you modify it enough where you LIKE it, save it by clicking the save button
BELOW the record button..** see attached picture

If you want to create a SPANKING BRAND NEW preset, you will need the materials, find a nice background, picture or texture, save as a bmp, use a small snippet, a say 100 x 100 picture of a sunset, name it, "krissunset"
(as a sample )save it to your environments folder,
and click your bmp browse button and load your bmp, change the colors, and bevel, find the right look by playing with all the knobs, change heights, directions of light, height of gravel, and so on..
when your happy, SAVE ...give it a name, and it will now be copied to your environments folder....a new preset.

TO SHARE YOUR will need to zip up the preset, and all the bmps that you used on it. SO when making your preset, write down the name of the bmp you used. If you happen to forget the name of the bmp, this is easy to deal with, open notepad (start, accessories, notepad)
once that opens, click file/open,and find your q5q file, when you open it, it will appear as jibberish, but scroll, you will find the name, "kris sunset.bmp" and thats where you write it down.
when your ready to share with the group, you zip up all the needed files, in one zip and make a preview of your preset, using a circle, box, or whatever you like to show your preview off..

Smile below is a picture of all the needed buttons and guides..


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