Bling Bling Explanation from Old Jack

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Bling Bling Explanation from Old Jack

Post by Mapie on Thu Nov 06, 2008 12:44 am

Bling Bling Explanation from Old Jack
by shadoedove on 25 Jun 2007, 21:50

Hi there folks. As requested, I have put finger (yep ... only one) to keyboard, and hunted and pecked an explanation (I don't know how to write a tutorial) of how I go about making these things. It is long winded, with lotsa piccies and is in a Web Page format. I have included an image to practice on, and the whole thing is about 800 kilobytes (a tad under a Megabyte), so my apologies in advance to the dial-up folk.

Please do not send accounts for reimbursement for headache tablets ... nor for band-aids to cover the bald and bleeding patches where you've torn your hair out ... they will be ignored.

I would love to see your results in the Show Off forum ... so if I have not forgotten a step (or steps) and any of you manage to get one done ... please post it. Hope you can follow it OK, and that you keep your sanity to the end. Lotsa's ... Old Jack.

It is not a PSP document. Firstly, the download is a Rar, which to extract, you need to have WinRar or 7Zip installed. Once extracted, it is in web page format, which opens in your web browser, be it Internet Explorer or FireFox or whatever browser you use to view the web.

Download the Explanation here >>>

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