Photoshop Brushes-65mb

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Photoshop Brushes-65mb

Post by Mapie on Sat Nov 08, 2008 2:22 am

Mapie wrote:Now a lot of us are going to learn Photoshop, I'd thought I'd share these PS brushes....

AlphabetV2 Brushes
DVD Resource Brushes
Comet Brushes
Abstract fractal brushes
Drugs brushes
Wings Brushes
Cloudy brushes
Bird Brushes
Cloud Brushes
Syn Render Brushes
DS-Render Brushes
Real Abstract Brushes
Sun Vector Shapes brushes
Hair Brushes2
Birds brushes
Medical garb brushes
Phoenix Brushes
Tree Brushes
Athens Brushes
Clow Cards Brushes
Formulas brushes
Assorted Brushes
Eye Lashes brushes
Hair brushes
Gothic brushes
Hair brushes3
Book brushes
Industrial Plugs and Wires brushes

DOWNLOAD : 65.2 MB Collection.Brushes.For.Photoshop.rar



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