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PSP Presets - Lacewing

Post by Mapie on Thu Nov 13, 2008 4:45 am

yandina wrote:There were a LOT of presets in version 8 of PSP that for some inexplicable reason, were left out of PSP 9. Really useful ones. The ones from version 8 do work in version 9, I haven't tried them to see if they work in version 10, and I don't have version 11. But I went looking for some particular presets for some of the built in filters in PSP (I use version 9), and couldn't find them... I hunted on the internet and couldn't find them. I was sure I wasn't dreaming. I wasn't. I had to reinstall version 8 to get these presets out, and I have put them in version 9 and they work just fine. There are over 60 of them, well worth having. Most are, as I said, for the Effects filters built into PSP, like Art Media. Anyway, I've compressed them into a downloadable file to share with the rest of you. I needed one particular one to use the tut I wanted to use for this week's Friday Filter. I think I am going to poke around in version 8 for anything else that might be useful, before I uninstall it again!

If anyone wants to get these presets, here's the link. They are totally clean, just unpack and put them in your PSP presets folder:


I didn't know where else to post these. So if they're in the wrong place, please move! Thanks!


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