What is an MNG?

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What is an MNG?

Post by Mapie on Wed Nov 05, 2008 3:12 am

*** Mng's and how to use them..

MNG's are premade animations, used for decorating or adding to images..

MNG's are transparent, unlike gifs which have a 1pixel outline around them, mng's are totally transparent.. you cannot SEE a mng when you download our zips, they are not visable by any imaging program but in animation shop..

OPEN animationshop and open the mng, to add to an image, count the frames of the MNG, if you have a sparkle with 3 frames, open your image, copy and paste after frame so your image has THREE frames, the same as your mng...

proceed to your mng, edit, select all, and drag the FIRST frame of your mng to the FIRST frame of your image..
if you desire to put many sparkles on this image, back ARROW for the sparkle animation, and it will return- then repeat the process of edit, select all- this will help you to create great tags with cute animated effects!

good luck and enjoy! kris

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