! How to sort your presets by color!

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! How to sort your presets by color!

Post by Mapie on Wed Nov 05, 2008 3:34 am

SO you would like to SORT your presets by color huh????

OK heres MY way of doing this, and I am sure your gonna love this method!!

you need to sort your current
environments folder.

so create a folder on your desktop, just call it sorting for now.

put all your q5q files..
to do this open your program files, find superbladepro, environments folder, now sort by type, by clicking view/details/ then click the word type, so it sorts by type.. Drag all your q5q files into this desktop/sorting/ folder

*inside your environments and textures is only bmp files*

NOW- go to your superbladepro folder agian/ the main folder
and near the environments folder- create a new folder, call it presetssorted, IN that folder..
make a bunch of folders, call them RED, BLUE, GREEN, GOLD and so on...
for hard choice presets, call it MULTICOLOR (those are the ones that are hard to pick where they belong).

When done with that, your next task will be difficult. You have to sort
them by color, so grab a notepad, name a page on it "white", "red" and so on, each page to list the name of that preset when u view it-

open your spb, with text ready as though you are applying a preset to it, and pick the browse, pick a preset, you will have to point to the "sorting" folder for preset choice, then one by one write down a preset name and its color by looking at it once it appears in the display box..

WHEN your done, days later, if you had a billion like i did Smile , then
do this, open your presetsorted folder, with all the interior colored folders showing, on one side, and your "sorting folder" from the desktop open and showing, drag and drop one by one- based on what you wrote on your notepad- till your "sorting" folder is empty..*whew*

if you get a pop up telling you that the bmp thats associated cannot be found, direct superbladepro to "find" and point it to the environments folder where all the bmps are now stored.

This is a heavy task, but once you sort your sbp presets, its easy to pick a folder say "red" and then go to your favorite preset instead of searching for it in your environments folder!

Good luck with your sorting!


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