Retouched & Masked les -123

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Retouched & Masked les -123

Post by Mapie on Wed Oct 29, 2008 11:43 pm

create this:

download mask 89 here

Open this or any pretty
JPG that you have in paintshop..
grab your selection tool set for rounded rectangle..and section off a part you want, copy and paste to the side

After you copy and paste
and have a portion of your jpg..
go to masks, and load my mask..
89-kris- available on top or on my masks page..

Once your selection is masked,
copy and paste it to a NEW transparent blank..this is important..NOW
proceed to draw, rounded rectangles in various places..
hold your shift button down..
pick the selection tool still set for
rounded rectangle and see below..

When you have that done..
go to selections invert..
get the opposite area marching with ants..

from there..follow next..

Go to eye candy, gradient glow,
pick out Thin, or Medium, your choice, using white as the color choice..

when done click with your wand..
Stop the ants..

Save this blank if you care to add various names on it..

If this is a one time tag, proceed to put your name on it, so go to layers, add raster layer,

there you will type on your name..
since this is a different layer,
to get the multiple name look

after you type your name,
go to layer 2 and duplicate..this is the name layer

Now with your name on it..
go to the name layer, right click and duplicate..2 times..
this will give you 3 copies of your, once you do make 3 copies, move your new name layers into the right spot..grab your mover tool and highlight the 2nd layer of layer 2, and the 3rdcopy of layer 2- putting your name under, once done there..
slide the sliders of each layer transparency below..

As you see in our display, the name will lighten up for each layer..make the settings as YOU like.. once all done..
go to layers, merge visable..

now the real fun part...

You can do one of two things at this point..You can simply colorize, go to colorize pick a nice we did here..

Doing this really sets off the transparency can see the debth of the gradient glow really well.. this tag is awesome..

You can also do this:::
go to your retouch tool,
set for Color to target, pick a gradient in your gradient fill..
a rainbow is nice..and simply
run over your black and white tag, giving it a gradient color..

Whooohooo an awesome tag
with so many possiblities..!

hope you enjoyed! kris

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