Starry Time Mask - Tut mask 120

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Starry Time Mask - Tut mask 120

Post by Mapie on Wed Oct 29, 2008 11:44 pm

Create a lovely Starry tag Smile

several filters are needed,
Eye candy Gradient glow, and
VmNatural sparkle. Along with my flood mask and
Side sparkle .tub file

needed files:

first open a 500x500 blank,
flood fill it with a nice dark blue.
once done, apply my flood mask (attached)-
go to mask, load from disk, and find my 120-kris.msk-
when done, copy and paste the image to a new

Now, lets add a moon and clouds
if you like, use your selection tool, drawing a circle..
go to selection and invert, then eye candy gradient glow,
picking white as here..

Add clouds if you like, or leave her as is..
to add clouds,
again pick the selection tool set to circle.
hold your shift down and
make a few circles near eachother..on top of eachother and to the edges of eachother.
creating long bubbly forms..
holding the shift puts the circles together into one selection
once they look like here, go to selections invert and again
gradient glow, this time make it grey color if you llike.

Now lets do a few other fun things.

once done. click with your wand to stop selections.
make a few layers now.
go to your layers palette and duplicate this scene.

once done. lets animate a bit.
grab your selection tool and pick rectangle.
square off the bottom area of your tag, the water..

with that squared away, go to effects, geometric, wave,
and lets wave it just a tad, highlight "copy of layer 1" in the layer palette..
then at wave, just change the look slightly, not much..

this will make layer 1 look a bit different then layer 2,
and once we take it to anishop, it will appear waving nice.

now, we arent done with our selection Smile lets sparkle,
with "copy of layer 1" still active, go to vmnatural sparkle, and
use these settings:

but lets also do this to layer 1,
so go to your layer palette, just highlight layer 1 without changing your selection,
and sparkle again, making your "max size" smaller..

Now both layers will have sparkling water, and wavy water..
lets add some stars in the sky,
open your tube tool, find the "side sparkle" which i use, set it for size 32,
now remember, where you add a star will be on that particular layer,
so highlight layer 1, add a few stars, then highlight layer 2, add a few stars,
if you need to look, check each layer and Xout the other layer
so you can see how it looks..

once you tap sparkles on layer 1,
highlight layer"copy of layer1" and tap sparkles on their also

lovely so far.
Now lets add some lights in the sky,
go to your
effects, illumination, pick starburst, and use these settings,
now you are still on "copy of layer 1" when you are done, highlight
layer 1 and repeat adding light to that layer too!! dont forget..

move your X in frame one, to right where the moon is,
and agree..
then do again for the other layer,

be sure to do both, or else one will appear dark and one light.

so far so good.

Smile now
you will want to add a tube, brush, or something to this, or just
add your name,
that is up to you..
if you decide to add a tube, say a mermaid,
you will want to add that in animation shop,
its easier...

So now you are done, unX any layers in the layer palette,
and save as "working" psp
open animation shop,
go to folders, open, and find your "working" psp
open it and play~enjoy! kris

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