Create a Mask! *Les 89

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Create a Mask! *Les 89

Post by Mapie on Wed Oct 29, 2008 11:47 pm

Create a Mask! *Les89

old tut for mask making beginners!
Smile filters needed.. enjoy! MsKris

lets make a mask!
open a BLACK blank 400 x 400,
draw a circle or square (up to you) on it with your selection tool..
flood fill that with white below

NOW apply your favorite filter..
you can use dbxflux smox like i will, or effects/geometric/ wave,
swirl, toadies, blast n blur, weaver, anything that will deform your circle..
kpt goo is great to deform as well... but deform much as you can,
you can even use your eraser, and or spraypaint can and spray the edges..
heres my result (pic 2)

go to mask, new, from image, give it a name,
and it gets saved..

NOW find a jpg picture..
anything you'd like to put into a mask..
open it, and go to mask, load from disk,
find your mask folder, and the mask you just named..apply it..
SmileSmileSmile invert if you need to, sometimes the wrong areas are
and heres my result !!!
* to add a drop shadow to a mask, copy and paste it to a new
blank, then you can add the shadow like it did Smile

enjoy! mskris

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